Travel Safe Training

Your safety is our priority. 

"Travel Safe" provides you with a toolbox and a mindset to feel safer and be safer.

Travel Safe Training

Join our open courses - or let us design the training you need to enable your organization to travel safe

In-person training

"Travel Safe" is designed to increase your safety, when you travel abroad on media risk travels. We frequently have open trainings in Copenhagen - or we can come to your organization with a programme tailormade to help you and your employees travel safer.

Online training

Travel safety is about behaviour - not just knowledge or awareness. Most often e-learning in travel safety does not increase safety. Our online trainings are with live instructors, lots of exercises, discussions and time for questions. The training programme focuses on risk mitigation on medium risk travels.  

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Culture and safety

Culture is the perfect source of misunderstandings, misinterpretations, unintended insults, hatred, discrimination, disrespect and reasons to harm or kill others. Therefore cultural competencies are extremely relevant for travelers. We facilitate a discussion based on your experiences and advice you how to turn culture into an advantage instead of a disadvantage for your travel safety. 

Travel Safe - Travel Awareness Training

Travel Planning

On "Travel Safe" you learn to plan you trip with a safety mindset. Your employer do have a duty of care, but in the end, it is the individual traveler, who makes the dessisions on the ground. You will learn to use a simple tool to risk assessment and mitigation for your specific trip.  

Travel Safe - Travel Awareness Training