HEAT - High-Risk Environment Awareness Training

Do you often travel with your work? Or are you bound for a posting in a country outside of Europe or North America? Our 3-day course HEAT is our flagship. On the course, you learn how to act according to relevant risks and take the right precautions.

Even though the A in HEAT stands for Awareness, we aim to give you much more than awareness on our courses. We believe that it is more important for you to learn to change your behavior so that your safety while traveling is increased. Your awareness is part of it but you might avoid many critical situations by actively taking responsibility for your safety when you travel. Should you end up in a critical situation nonetheless, you also learn to deal with massive bleeding, terrorist acts, being under fire, hostage situations, road accidents and much more.

The course is developed by a string of experts who have many years of experience working with travel security and education in both state institutions, NGOs and private companies. By bringing together their various backgrounds and experience they have developed a course which focuses on establishing a mindset within the course participants which makes it possible for participants to relate to and act on risk while traveling. The content and structure of the course is based on a strict assessment of what matters the most: The addressed issues either pose a real risk, statistically, or they constitute a fear factor which inhibit people in their work.



Our HEAT-courses create raised awareness on travel safety for all who travel outside of Europe and North America. Basic understanding of risk analysis is a key element of our courses.


Not only do we enhance your attention to risk. We take pride in helping you increase your travel safety by creating concrete and relevant learning which can be directly related to your travel activities and your needs so that we create a change in your behavior which, in turn, affects your safety and sense of security when you travel.

If you are traveling to post-conflict areas, areas of armed conflict or areas outside the control of a state, you must be ready to deal with many sorts of critical incidents. Both physical and psychological aspects of your safety are covered on this course.



A HEAT-course is relevant if the travel you are on outside of Europe or North America is subject to risk. Of course, it is of consequence which areas of the world you are traveling to, but it is often of greater consequence why you are going there and what your assignments are at your destination. The travels in question could be travels to areas of conflict, travels where you cannot rely on the security apparatus of the authorities, or travels to destinations where the situation, political or security-wise, is fragile.

The typical course participant is an employee in an NGO, works as a journalist, as a photographer or as a consultant.

The majority of our HEAT-participants have much travel experience. Often, they have been on numerous, high-risk travels before they participate on our HEAT-course. In this way, even though you have much travel experience, the course is still relevant for you.

Always feel free to reach out to us if you want to make sure that our HEAT-course is relevant to you.


The program of our HEAT-courses contains a great number of tools to prepare the journey, to avoid risk and handle critical incidents. A team of competent instructors guide you through the following subjects:

  • Risk- vulnerability analysis

  • Crime prevention

  • Cultural and gender awareness

  • Digital travel security

  • Travel medicine

  • Transport and hotel security

  • First aid at road accidents

  • Close to terror

  • Corruption

  • Evacuation

  • Coping with stress in critical situations

  • First aid (bleedings and cardiac pulmonary resuscitation including defibrillator)

  • Vehicle safety

  • Hostage survival

  • Psychological working environment in high-risk areas

  • Peer support

  • First aid far from hospital and ambulance (Remote First Aid)

  • De-escalating communication

  • Conduct in line of fire

  • Mine/IED awareness


Humanitarian discount

Participants who work in an NGO with an evident humanitarian purpose within the area of development assistance and relief aid can get up to 1,000 DKK of humanitarian discount.


Discount agreement

Companies and organizations which enter into an exclusive agreement with Travel&Risk get a discount of 10% on all courses as well as a free Travel&Risk first aid kit for each course member.