Travel&Risk is a travel safety course aimed at companies and NGOs whose employees travel outside Europe and North America. The course is adapted to the risk profile of each individual. This is done through a module structure that provides the students the necessary tools and awareness all the way from ordinary business travel safety to HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training). Regardless of the level of risk, Travel&Risk aims to create a safety based realistic and analytical mind-set for the traveller - without creating unnecessary fear and worry.


Our travel safety courses are conducted in a modulated structure. Module 1 focuses on general travel safety. Module 2 concentrates on travel safety in medium risk countries, while the third module is dedicated to high-risk travel and destinations.  Participations in module 2 and 3 forms a HEAT refresher.

If one participant does not speak Danish, the training is carried out in English. All training materials are in English and particpants from Nordic countries are used to having english as there working language.

All our open courses take place in Denmark.

Upon request we would be able to list destinations abroad, where we would be able to provide facilities as well as instructors, though we do not at the current time have scheduled courses outside of Denmark.


We happily provide bespoke courses based on the needs of a contracting organisation. In such cases we work with the organisation to ensure that the course covers relevant subjects and is conducted in a way that is based on the requested focus points and organisational values.

To provide a HEAT certificate we would not recommend training of less than three days’ length. If specific, additional training is requested, a course may be longer than the three days we usually spend for our open courses.




  • Risk- and vulnerability analysis
  • Travel medicin
  • Cybercrime prevention
  • Crime prevention
  • Culture and gender
  • Close to terror
  • Hotel safety
  • Vehicle and transport safety
  • First aid at traffic accident



  • Local authorities (corruption, negotiations, anti-surveillance)
  • Natural disasters, fire and terror
  • Hostage Survival 1
  • First aid (ABC, Resuscitation, Defibrillator) 


  • Local authorities (corruption, negotiations, anti-surveillance)
  • Psychological working environment in High Risk Areas
  • Hostage Survival 2
  • Remote first aid (MABCDE)
  • Conduct in line of fire
  • Deescalating communication
  • Mine/IED awareness
  • Evacuation
  • Peer support after critical incidents
Trafik- og køretøjssikkerhed
Remote First Aid
Håndtering af lokale myndigheder
Rejsesikkerhed 1
Travel and risk 4
Travel and Risk 3
Travel&Risk 2
travelandrisk 1

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